Memo Usama

When it comes to Life, the most common things these days can be social networking, food, health, fashion, gossip, movies, etc. The world is a fast moving place and it keeps advancing in all areas like education, business, technology and much more. Ofcourse, it’s important to think about future and start moving pretty fast and steady to achieve your goals and succeed. To walk with the changing world is what they say.

But think for a moment while drinking a cup of coffee, Do we actually see the Life the way it is?, Do we read things exactly the way they are written?

John Black

Hi, I’m Memo Usama and I am a Writer and a Photographer. Throughout my life I have focused on expressing thoughts and describing things in the form of stories, poems, quotes, etc. Being a big Movie fan I write my honest reviews of certain movies, books and much more under the pen name of John Black. In order to make it interesting to read, the reviews are expressed in a most dramatic and mesmerizing manner through unique writing skills. I do watch dozens of movies every week and read tonnes of books every month, and if you would like to steal a glance of the short summary of movies in a few paragraphs, you are at the right place.