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Following (1998) - Movie Review

A young writer living in London follows people in the hope of finding stories to write in his novels, but the hobby becomes an obsession and he soon finds himself going further than intended.

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Directed by Christopher Nolan, Following is yet another film which highlights Nolans fantastic works back in 1998. The film is an absolute dark thriller purely based on human psychology and Nolans “Time bending” skills. The story resembles the technique of connecting the dots and leading the main character into a deep trouble because of his obsession of following strangers and diving in the moment with a guy who leads him towards challenging steps ahead.

Following (1998) - Movie Review
Alex Haw (left) and Jeremy Theobald (right)

Nevertheless, the central vanity is forcefully mapped, as wannabe writer Bill (Theobald) follows strangers that he encounters in the streets for no other reason than his own intentional curiosity. One of them is Cobb (Haw), a cultured, smart and disconcerting cruel burglar who breaks into flats in order to analyse the owners’ personal lives and play mind boggling games with their property. Bill is enlisted as his understudy, but it’s only when he hooks up with the girlfriend (Russell) of a gangster that the trustful hero stops being a fish out of water and becomes a lamb to the slaughter in a deadly game of cross and double cross.

Haw, to give him his due, displays a charismatic character and does a nice transition into a villainy, but Theobald is faced with an uphill struggle in an attempt to win sympathy for his colourless character.

With a tight budget of $6,000 that too back in 1998, Nolan has expressed immense storyline with crisp scenes highlighting the changing scenarios from good to worse taking place in a struggling writers life.

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