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Incision (2020) - Movie Review

Alexa Landry, a beauty blogger whose only fear is plastic surgery, is kidnapped along with her friends by a deranged plastic surgeon obsessed with beautifying his victims.

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In a world full of botox, Blepharoplasty, Cellfina, hair extensions; to cover up all terms in one shade, “plastic surgery”, It’s an average human tendency specially in current generation teenagers or rarely adults to beautify themselves artificially via manual procedures, regardless of money or side effects. Could be considered more like a ‘face’ modification to look more attractive. Incision, directed by Ali Zamani and written by Chris Kato, unlatches when a doctor shows one of his patients his beautiful work, but instead the women gets freaked out due to such horrible disfigured face.

Alexa Landry (character played by Korrina Rico) is a modern beauty blogger who just uploads a video of herself on social media platform declaring her followers that she’s going to get her procedure done at “Perfect You, Plastic Surgery Center of SoCal” to be precise. But she hesitates to get it done due to fear.

Incision (2020) - Movie Review

The story is a little slow and not so sharp as filmy Incision to start where Calvin sends his friend Kenny to pickup his laptop that mysteriously got misplaced somewhere in an unknown place and kind of leaves the audience wondering where the story is going. It isn’t until all the friends step out looking for Kenny all the way at a spooky place and are introduced to Dr. Cunningham, his weird family, and creepy house that the story really picks up from there.

In general the film Incision is not “much” interesting to watch but an initial level story of what a psychopath surgeon would do to accomplish his silly goals of beautifying people which is more like decorating a Pizza with pineapple and pickles at the same time or baking an Ice Cream in an oven. Like the phrases would tell, an absolute non-sense aim in the mind of a freaky doctor. This movie isn’t really for the timorous viewers who can’t watch plastic surgery. But for an average level gore, some nearly good CGI, and kind of humorous thrill, one can watch the movie halfway through.

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