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John Wick (2014)

Legendary Assassin John Wick retires from his career after he marries the love of his life, Helen. Sadly, after she dies from a terminal illness, John receives a precious gift on his doorstep from a delivery service which was arranged by Helen just before her death; a dog named Daisy. John grieves upon the moment where he lost his beloved wife and receives a dog by her to share his love and loneliness.

John Wick at Helens funeral

However, John Wick decides to get back to his criminal career when he receives an unwelcome visit in his mansion in mid-night. The Russian thugs break into the resident and steal his prized 1969 Mustang. In the incident they kill his dog Daisy as well. Among the intruders Losef Tarasov was the leader, son of Viggo Tarasov. The loss of the last gift from his wife, and his car erases all the grief from his soul and turns him into an ultimate killing machine.

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The moment Viggo comes to the knowledge that his very own son has created a terrible mess that could lead everyone into some serious upcoming thunderstorm, he defines to his son what John Wick exactly is, something Losef knew very little about.

John Wick as an Assassin

The character John Wick is portrayed as a Professional Assassin/Hitman with highly professional fighting and weapon skills. Among all the Dangerous criminals, John Wick was considered as “Baba Yaga” (The Boogeyman) by the Russian mobster. Well in more accurate terms, they consider him the man who was sent to kill the Boogeyman.
 The reason behind the current foundation of Viggo was the accomplishment of an impossible task given by Viggo long time ago to John Wick when John had asked to leave.

John Wick used to work with Viggo earlier as an associate and Viggo knew the focus, commitment, greatness of John. And Viggo also knew that John will get back to take revenge and his son will be dead pretty soon.
 As a loving father Viggo takes different steps to protect his son from being assassinated by John.

John Wick gold coins

Viggo sends 12 men to terminate John in his own house, But in the end of the chaos, John dials the phone to Charlie who manages the professional cleaning service for the Continental. John pays 12 gold coins to Charlie for clearing up 12 bodies. This signifies the value and goodwill of the Continental.

John Wick with Marcus
John Wick with Marcus

Viggo opens up a contract of  $2 Million and offers Marcus the job to kill John Wick, a close friend of John. But as a friend, Marcus instead supports John in situations where John gets completely trapped. Which in turn leads to death of Marcus for betraying Viggo.

According to the rules and regulations of the Continental, “No business can be conducted on hotel grounds”. Which in simple words means no killings can be done within the hotel premises. Winston, who plays the role as the Manager of the Continental Hotel and a close friend of John Wick warns him as well when John meets him at the Continental for a small conversation.

Viggo Tarasov
Viggo Tarasov

But Viggo can cross anything to save his son, he offers $4 Million to Perkins to break the hotel rules and get the job done, one of the assasins staying in the same hotel. Where she attempts and fails to kill John Wick and gets handed over to Harry on the same floor to take care of her until the management gets to know about her and decide further. But somehow she kills Harry and manages to escape. But later in the end she gets executed on the orders of Winston for breaking the rules.

John captures a small information from Perkins about the place where Viggo keeps his all his hard earned cash, gold, evidences, black money etc., and all this stuff was kept in a vault located in a Church. He successfully enters the church and destroys all the collections in the vault. Which ignites Viggo much more and fills him with frustration and anger. But it’s John Wick, If Viggo can do anything to save his son, John can do anything to take revenge and kill his son.

Viggo gets trapped somehow and has only one way to walk away alive, John demands the place where Losef was kept safe. And helplessly, Viggo provides him with the address where his son was protected.

Losef Tarasov
Losef Tarasov

By breaking into heavily armed and protected area where Losef was kept, John manages to clear up everything and kill Losef. However, when John gets to know that Marcus had got killed by Viggo for betraying him, He returns in the battle grounds to take revenge against Viggo for killing his friend and tracks him down before he could escape from a Helicopter. Viggo knows that there’s a very little chance that he would be alive by the end. So he enjoys every little big moment when John chases everyone down and kills Viggo.

John Wick is an excellent role played by Keanu Reeves after alot of hardwork and training for professional fighting and shooting skills. The expressions of grief, anger, violence are portrayed in a dramatic manner throughout the movie with a pleasant crime story.

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