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John Wick: Chapter 2

The journey of the most deadly Assassin John Wick continues with more blood and bullets. John Wick: Chapter 2 shows the true powers of Crime and Gangsters around New York and other countries, but the movie also shows how the unstoppable fury John Wick pierces through the walls of distraction and gets his job done.

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Keanu Reeves has played a breathtaking role of a Hit Man in the previous John Wick movie. It shows how each character connects with another in the perspective of friend or foe, and how Wick takes revenge from each of his enemy for the trouble they create.

In John Wick: Chapter 2, we get to discover new characters and fine details about the Continental and its vast connections all over the world. And apart from the story, some new mesmerizing objects can be discovered like the Blood Oath Marker, Guns, Suits which reflect the ultimate Professionalism of the Continental and High Table.

Blood Oath Marker
Blood Oath Marker

The movie starts with John Wick taking his 1969 Mustang back which is kept in the inventory of Abram Tarasov, brother of Viggo Tarasov, who exports drugs all aroung the city in yellow cabs. While Abram explains his secretary that why they can’t just remove John Wick from the path and continue the business and shares the past memory where John Wick once killed 3 men in a bar with just a pencil, Wick has already swept away dozens of men in his compound and got his car. But somehow at the end, the car gets all wrecked and trashed and Wick just handovers the car to his friend Aurelio who is a mechanic and runs an illegal chop shop for stolen cars and works as a service provider for The Continental.

Wick is not good at retiring. It’s easy to believe, as commented on by others in the film, that he’s addicted to the vengeance he dishes out with such confidence. The sequel picks up shortly after the end of the first film; Wick is still reeling from the death of his wife, Helen, failing to adjust to a new life even with his adorable, unnamed pitbull which he picks up from a locker in the previous chapter. He has little time to relax when he finds Santino D’Antonio on his doorstep, asking him to make good on the blood oath he made years prior that allowed him to retire from his deadly profession. At first, Wick hesitates. One devastating house explosion later, he sees no other choice. But accepting Santino’s offer does not bring Wick the peace he desires so intensely. Soon, he finds himself facing threats from all sides, including Santino’s mute enforcer Ares and Cassian, a bodyguard of the woman Wick is forced to kill.

John Wick: Chapter 2

Santino assigns John to kill his sister, Gianna, hoping to take the High Table seat she inherited from their father. He calls in the blood oath to accomplish this because it can be fulfilled without him drawing up a contract for assassination, leaving a paper trail.

Wick with no other choice; travels to Rome and stays in of the finest rooms at the Rome Continental managed by Julius and prepares himself with freshly tailored bullet proof suit from an Italian Tailor Angelo, Shops for a unique variety of Guns and Knives from Sommelier who handles a Professional Gun shop, Studies the maps of the D’Antonio estate, the temple and the underground catacombs and gets the Keys of the old rusted gates for the seamless entry into the estate. It’s a fascinating montage of the entire shopping scene and how Wick gets ready for his new mission.

John Wick Gun shopping scene
John Wick Gun shopping scene

Wick somehow succeeds in killing Gianna, but only after she kills herself first by her own hands. Gianna explains Wick before slicing her wrists with a sharp object that she has lived her life in her way, and will die accordingly as well. And when she falls unconscious in the old Roman bath pool, Wick pulls the trigger on her head. However, throughout the movie Wick has the ultimate plan which is to finish Santino because he had destroyed his home and pulled him back into the world of Crime again. And like the other characters say, Wick is not good at retiring, He hunts, he kills, His hands are made for Guns and Knives.

After Giannas death, her bodyguard, Cassian, gets thirsty of Wicks blood and crosses all the paths to finish Wick. In a fight, Wick and Cassian unfortunately break into the Continental where Julius stops them and reminds them that No Business can be conducted in the Continental grounds, Wick explains Cassian at the bar about the Blood Oath Marker he received from Giannas brother Santino to finish her off and continue ahead with his life. But Cassian couldn’t resist, and somehow Wick manages to kill him on a Train using a knife forcefully when Cassian comes behind him upon knowing about the contract of $7 Million. How does this contract come up?…

John Wick and Cassian at the bar
John Wick and Cassian at the bar

Well… Upon knowing that Wick is after him, Santino opens up a contract of $7 Million on Wick and all the criminals around the cities get an alert message of the open contract of $7 Million that too on John Wick; “The Man, The Myth, The Legend”.
Until now it could only be imagined about Wick killing 3 men in a Bar with a Pencil. Not anymore, Luckily in this Chapter we can see Wick brutally killing 2 men with pencils and fighting off other several criminals who are behind him because of the issued Contract.

Winston warns Santino at the New York Continental that he had made a terrible mistake by awakening the Devil and who can appear before his eyes anytime to take away his life, But Santino just stays with his plan in protecting himself with full efforts. The thing is, John is free of his marker now, and Santino has no idea what Wick can overcome to turn the impossible into possible.

After fighting off several criminals, Wick heads towards an underground area at the Train station and approaches a homeless man, drops a gold coin in his cup and says, “Take me to him, Tell him it’s John Wick”. These homeless men are actually the undercover agents working under the Bowery King, the role is played by Lawrence Fishburne. Yes, Keanu and Lawrence are united once again in John Wick franchise after the trilogy of the Matrix. He is the head of the Bowery, an underworld intelligent network disguised to look like a homeless shelter.

Though having the knowledge that there is an open contract of $7 Million on the life of Wick, The Bowery King still decides to help him out by providing him with a Kimber 1911 45 ACP with 7 rounds capacity. “Seven Million Dollars gets you seven rounds”. says the Bowery King to Wick.

John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017)

Wick hunts Santino all the way from the Museum where Santino’s mute enforcer Ares dies forcefully by the hands of Wick. When Santino realizes he is in pretty serious trouble, he travels straight to the Continental and as per his rights demands Winston to revoke John Wicks membership. But Winston refuses and says that Wick hasn’t breached any legalities in the eyes of the Institution. Meanwhile Wick appears at the Continental and shoots down Santino amid his meal. As per the scenario, John Wick breaks the rule of the Continental by killing within the hotel grounds.

Wick then leaves the Continental after taking his pitbull back from Charon, the concierge at the Continental who had taken the responsibility of the dog while Wick was out on his business.

Charon (concierge at the Continental)
Charon (concierge at the Continental)

Since Wick has broken the rules of the hotel, The High table doubles Santino’s contract and makes it International. Which means The Contract of $14 Million is open on John Wick that too International. And Winston has no choice but to declare Wick as “Excommunicado”. All the services in connection with the Continental are now inaccessible for John Wick.
But Winston delays everything for 1 hour so that Wick could have enough time to escape and make out his way. Before John leaves, Winston hands him a Blood Oath marker that would help him out on his journey. What’s the story behind this new marker?… That’s the story in John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum.

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