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Kissed (2020)

A coroner fixes the lost dark beauty on the face of a corpse in the morgue during midnight.

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Kissed (2020) is a very short horror movie directed by Elwood Quincy Walker filled with lots of hidden humor, emotions and has a very short dramatic horror scene to finish off the simple horrific dinner with a tragic sweet dessert in the end.

There are some people who can be seen talking to themselves most of the time all alone. Well the movie starts off with a pleasant music being played on a radio and a few medical tools can be seen arranged in a lovely sequence on a table.

A coroner sits near a body of a drowned victim. He talks to her while doing some touch ups on her face using an eye brush and some lipstick. In the conversation he speaks about the way she was found, admires her beauty, explains her how she is different from other dead bodies he has worked on in the morgue.

It’s a little bit funny, weird and surprising as well and the whole scenario shows how lonely the coroner lives and keeps the conversation going on as if he is on a date, ofcourse with a dead body. Throughout the casual conversation he talks to her, admires her, asks her questions without expecting any answers because indeed, she’s dead.

Well, the title matches with the scene where he strokes her hairs behind and then kisses her gently. Then wipes off the lipstick from her lips as well as his. It takes courage to kiss a strangers drowned dead body filled with water and mud. It seems like he had done the make up on her face just to kiss the beautified dead face. The coroner then seals up her lips and slides the body back in the locker after cleaning the face.

Now the turning point takes place when he steps ahead to leave and the locker opens all of a sudden and the body pops out all by itself with the muddy liquid pouring out of the mouth, speaks to the coroner and forcefully kisses him because the dead body has finally found someone who admires her even after she is dead. The coroner gets filled with horror and screams for help, faces the consequences after giving the “Kiss of Life” to the dead.

It’s a simple classic short movie with lot of funny expressions, mysterious story, and humor which only classic movie lovers will be able to grasp.

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