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Meet Dave (2008)

A group of miniature aliens land on planet Earth in their spaceship shaped like a Human Being to recover their metallic device.

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Directed by Brian Robbins, Meet Dave is a 2008 American Sci-fi comedy science fiction film. It stars Eddie Murphy, Elizabeth Banks, Gabrielle Union, Ed Helms, Scott Caan and Kevin Hart as main characters. The movie depicts the social relations and behaviour of nature in the form of Humans and Aliens. A group of aliens arrives on planet earth to get back a small metallic orb that was sent few days back to collect the water from the oceans of the earth. The Human formed Alien spaceship runs behind the mission to take away the oceans because their planet is at high risk of water loss.

The spaceship is controlled by a group of miniature aliens and the commander describes himself as Dave to the normal Humans just to show a simple identity. The orb, it turns out, landed in the hands of a young boy named Josh. And it’s not long before Dave meets him, courtesy of Josh’s mother, Gina—after she smashes into Dave in her car. As Dave awkwardly interacts with Gina and Josh, the Spock-like race inside “him” struggles to make sense of the humans’ emotions. In the process, the tiny beings begin to awaken emotionally and to ponder whether Earth’s people really deserve total destruction.

The movie is filled with fun, emotions, human relations, planning and love. The funny expressions and walking style of Eddie Murphy spices up the story a little bit and Kevin Hart too adds up some extra humor in the whole mission.

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