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The Matrix Reloaded (2003) - Movie Review

At the Oracle’s behest, Neo attempts to rescue the Keymaker and realises that to save Zion within 72 hours, he must confront the Architect. Meanwhile, Zion prepares for war against the machines.

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The Matrix Reloaded is a little bit disappointing for a lot of viewers in many ways. Some consider that the story diverts to some senseless depiction and some state that the theme doesn’t follow the storyline at some point. We know through first part of the movie that everything in the story relies upon what Morpheus believes and how the fictional stigma guides Neo into most unexpected scenarios every now and then.

It is an extremely mastered sci-fi adventure, combining the usual segments: heroes and villains, CGI special effects and stunts, persuasions and explosions, romance and oratory. It develops a new universe with more detail than the first movie was able to highlight, gives us our first glimpse of the underground city of existing humans called Zion, burrows closer to the heart of the Matrix, and encourages its hero, Neo, from confused nerve to a Christ figure in training.

The Matrix Reloaded (2003) - Movie Review
Zion city

And as the film has landed on its second frenzy, Neo has been required to fly, to master martial arts, and to learn that his faith and belief can make things happen. All his fights take place within virtual reality, while he leans back in a chair and is linked to the cyberworld, but he can really be killed, because if the mind thinks it is dead, the body is definitely dead then. All of the fight sequences, therefore, are logically contests not between physical bodies, but between video game characters, and the Neo in the big fight scenes is actually his avatar.

Moving further with the story we all know that the Oracle acts as the dictionary or a map to guide Neo. Hence, she tells him about the exiles and the Keymaker. Neo understands thorough the conversations that the Oracle is not a human at all, but yet another program within the Matrix, perhaps yet another form of control over humanity. But the Oracle warns Neo to make up his own mind as to whether she was a friend or foe.

The Matrix Reloaded (2003) - Movie Review

The Keymaker  was a program created to open up the door to the Source for The One. In the Sixth Matrix he was kept prisoner in the Chateau of the Merovingian, during which time he saved Niobe and Ghost from an Agent. Morpheus, Neo and Trinity, with the help of Persephone (wife of Merovingian), manage to free the Keymaker. And that part includes all the action scenes, fighting with Agent Smith, clearing off all the Merovingian’s men.

Throughout the journey the most confusing part of all comes out when Neo meets the Architect who reveals himself as the creator of the Matrix, and informs Neo that he had been anticipating Neo’s arrival. He then says that though a process has changed Neo, he was still human, and hence he may or may not understand everything the Architect will Tell him. And in fact most of the viewers as well didn’t really get the point out of the entire phenomenal conversation between Neo and the Architect.

The Matrix Reloaded in simple terms acts like a bridge between what Neo was told by Morpheus and the Oracle and what he has been experiencing till he met the Architect who created The Matrix. And after all as a matter of fact the film itself ends with “To Be Concluded,” a reminder that the third film in the trilogy arrives soon.

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