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The Matrix Revolutions (2003) - Movie Review

Neo, humanity’s only hope of stopping the war and saving Zion, attempts to deal peace between the machines and humans. However, he must first confront his hostile, the reprobate agent Smith.

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Following the timeline of incidents occurring in the machine world, The Matrix Revolutions is that one corner of the trilogy where the insurgence of War between humans and machines for victory and peace gets divided among every character in a very precise methodology. Neo is in a trance, caught between the Matrix and the Machine World, while in Zion, the human inhabitants await the bombardment of the Watching Army. Agent Smith’s intransitive powers are growing, the Oracle is still avoiding the key questions and the only thing clarified is that “the war ends tonight” it’ll be redemption or destruction before bedtime.

In honest grounds, The Matrix Revolutions is not so good story explaining the theme. At the risk of restraint, the film sucks. It’s not that the final chapter in the trilogy and it doesn’t have that many stunts and visual wizardry to blow ones mind. It’s just that it all adds up to a huge nothing. The script by Andy and Larry Wachowski here in the third stage is pretty translucent.

Back in Zion, the humans climb into mechanical gizmos to face the attack of the floating sentinels. It’s a fourteen-minute cutscene and the highlight of the movie. On the other hand Neo and Trinity fly to Machine City to talk to The Deus Ex Machina about peace. Morpheus and Niobe (Jada Pinkett Smith), his ex-lover, are way out of it, piloting the hovercraft through a sewer line straight into Zion. Everything is pretty much well organized like the duties of employees in a perfect hierarchy in organizations.

The Matrix Revolutions (2003) - Movie Review

And afterall, it’s pretty disappointing to analyze the movie towards a predictive conclusion that the presence of both Neo being a good side and Agent Smith being an evil side is needed within the Matrix to keep the system in its formation. The film’s penultimate scene shows Neo jacking into the Matrix one last time, where everything leads up to the Super Swedge in the rain between Neo and Agent Smith, who has replicated himself enough to obtain a small city. Neo quickly realizes that he and Smith are evenly matched, and he allows Smith to assimilate him.

It’s here that Neo’s Christ parallels take complete formation, as he sacrifices himself by instructing the machines to surge his body with energy in the real world. While this causes the desired effect and defeats Smith, Neo’s death also causes a complete reboot of the Matrix. This recalibration at the climax of the movie indicates a lasting era of peace, one in which humans will be able to choose to leave the Matrix as per their desire.

But there’s still some information yet to come in The Matrix Resurrections. And this sequel will be an amazing artwork of Matrix till date.

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