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The Power of your subconscious mind - Book Review

When it comes to mind and health, controlling and balancing the state of mind is an important aspect. As it is said, “For as a person thinketh in his subconscious mind, so is he.”

Dr. Joseph Murphy, a renowned American author describes the limitless abilities and functions a subconscious mind is capable of in his book “The Power of your subconscious mind” which is originally published in 1963. As a matter of fact and science it is believed that an average human being uses 10% of the brain. But somehow it was debunked and considered as a myth. Nobody is actually accurate about the myth of latent mental ability. Yet, it all depends upon the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Emotional Quotient (EQ), the intelligence level, the calculation of geniusness, etc, matters on the specific techniques used.

The Book “The Power of your subconscious mind” falls under the category of Psychology and Self help.
Dr. Joseph admires the values and ethics of subconscious mind in his book and shares the deep secrets and ancient philosophies of mind and it’s development. By judging the 20 titles present in the Contents page, it is obvious that Dr. Joseph has worked very hard in grasping up the knowledge bit by bit and presenting with meticulous care.

It describes us how to effectively control thoughts and emotions to gain full control of the subconscious mind by using different techniques and developing the thinking power. From the Mental Healings in Ancient Times to Modern Times, Tendency of the subconscious mind, Sleep, Wealth, Relations, Fear, Spirit, and much more,. the book gives the general idea of what’s beyond a persons thinking and what are the capabilities of a human being through the perspective of subconscious mind.

On an average scale, some people may find reading this book a little boring because of some general repeating concepts and sentences. The most important point Dr. Joseph says to remember is “Once the subconscious mind accepts an idea, it begins to execute it”. He truly focuses on how to get deeper and understand the beliefs, desires, importance of prayer, difference between conscious and subconscious mind, etc.

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The Law of Attraction and it’s connection with the subconscious mind, the ties and knots, everything is precisely framed in the book with utmost experiments and knowledge. Dr. Joseph compares science and the ancient practices, takes the real life situations that have happened with different people as an example in the book to explain the principles and general ethics of the universal laws. He even uses verses from the Holy Bible to describe the purpose of Life and its aspects.

The Power of your subconscious mind - Book Review

He also describes the importance of Sleep and the role of a healthy subconscious mind in relation to a healthy sleep (Good News for Sleepy Heads!!!). In fact everyone knows that the Universal Genius Albert Einstein used to sleep 10 Hours a day. And in case of some other world famous people like Leonardo da Vinci, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, etc,. the sleep schedule of these leading people varies from person to person depending upon their taste and mindset.

The Fundamental requirement of a person in short and simple terms are Food, Clothing, Shelter,. and inorder to achieve all these, Money becomes a primary need somehow. And indeed, the book teaches how to be happy and satisfied with whatever a person has, and be thankful for a healthy and blessed life which is worth living.

“The Power of your subconscious mind” is truly a page turner for people who highly involve in psychology and knowledge related to mind and human behavior. It motivates on living the life to the fullest and enjoying every little big moment. To understand the invisible truths of the universe, to convert subconscious mind in its fully aware state and using it effectively.

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